Strategy and Identity

We don’t design, for design’s sake. Big-picture thinking is the basis of every project we undertake and implement.

Great branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently and strategically, every time anyone comes into contact with your business. We follow a structured, documented design process to create recognisable, distinct and aspirational brands and accompanying visual identities for our clients – the following is an overview of the process.


Discovery entails our team thoroughly getting to know your organisation, the landscape in which you operate and the audiences you speak to, or want to speak to.

This involves meeting with your team, understanding your offering to the community and your cultural relevance, conducting quantitative and qualitative research, creating audience profiles and really drilling down to the core of how people see you now and how you want them to see you moving forward.

The discovery stage is tailored to every project and for larger organisations this may involve physical surveys and observations.


Once the Discovery stage is complete, we will develop an in-depth brand and visual identity strategy unique to you. This is the start of establishing a visual language and the direction needed to communicate your brand promise.

We will also suggest tactics, short and long-term, for how the strategy can be expressed throughout your organisation, across elements like communication materials and wayfinding assets.

We present our findings and offer the strongest directions in which to take your renewed identity. This document is shared with you in a collaborative setting prior to starting any physical design work – with appropriate time allocated for reflection, feedback and refinement.


Identity development is where the rubber hits the road! Our designers move into interpreting your brand characteristics in a more visual way.

The Strategy stage will outline a detailed list of requirements which are flexible but expected to include: the renewed visual identity including logos, font systems and colour schemes; variations of the identity for use across digital, print and signage applications with and without taglines, height/width restrictions and logo marks (if applicable); development of communication materials and associated templates, development of signage and wayfinding systems and their associated assets for production; and the development of all digital and print assets for all specified platforms.

Our talented team deftly combine their knowledge of tried and tested business solutions with their passion for innovative and engaging design.


A tech savvy brand evolution to boost Synergy’s growth
synergy logo on top of blue background

Le Choix

From conception to reality, a youthful French brand is born


Capturing a world first product and the passion of a generation
Genhemp logo

One simple step.

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